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3 Tree Tech Office
3 Tree Tech Office

What is hindering your ability to stay nimble with the break-neck speed of change?


How can your architecture be simple and automated but stay modular?


Why can't you break free of the confines of big tech tyranny?

Technical Prowess

IT leaders like you are changing the way tech is aquired. You hate being locked into a limited list provided by an agent, broker, reseller, let alone a carrier. You need a best-in-class palette of tech solutions curated by your long-term objectives without spending hundreds of research hours! 3 Tree Tech actively vets and researches emerging tech everywhere from niche disruptors to proven partners.

Trending Tech

As platform-agnostic tech researchers, we endlessly research and implement the best systems & tools for CTOs, CIOs, and COOs. Use us as your IT R&D department so you can get home for dinner.

These three trends are so hot right now. – Mugatu (probably)


Customer Experience

CCaaS is short for Contact Center as a Service. Because CCaaS is cloud-based, it delivers all necessary tools and software a contact center requires via the cloud. Genius for distributed workforces!


Cyber Premonition Security

Data and network security is a constant battle that sucks IT staff's time and cash. Visibility and actionable insights are just scratching the surface in today's threat landscape. It is a new era of cyber war.


Information Security

Wait... did we mention security twice? Heck yes we did, because it's the top concern for IT professionals, and our research into cyber security is unparalleled. We make hackers sweat bullets...


We know our sh... stuff, and constantly research the future of IT, security, software, cloud and everything else. Click a story below for our full analysis.

How phishing emails work

Hackers primarily target your organization in one of two ways: they jiggle millions of “doorknobs” per second or engage in a targeted attack. One targeted attack method is a phishing or BEC (business email compromise) attack. CISOs are well-acquainted with…

Build VS Buy in CX

As a CXO if you haven’t noticed, increasing speed and customer experience convenience is a race. Customer access to sophisticated self-serve tools is no longer a nice surprise but a minimum expectation when doing business with you. To keep up,…

Why aren’t drones for commercial purposes mainstream? 

Some consider drones a nuisance, while others fly them recreationally. Most of us agree they have great potential, especially in the commercial space, but have you wondered why the solutions we have access to are limited and why such cutting-edge…