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Stay ahead with research on disruptors and proven vendors.

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Align your business objectives and tech through superior strategy.

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You need tech to grow, but the process of implementation, acquisition, and integration creates siloed departments and inefficient operations. 3 Tree Tech empowers leaders to securely expand by fighting tech inefficiency.

Super-duper CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, and COOs like you rely on us for three things: Tech scouting on industry disruptors, business objectives aligning to technology strategies, and curated forums to build your professional network and learn from other leaders.

Trending Tech

Our platform-agnostic tech scouts endlessly research and implement the best systems & tools for CTOs, CIOs, CISOs and COOs like you. Use us as your IT R&D department so you can get home for dinner.

These three trends are so hot right now. – Mugatu (probably)


Customer Experience

CX or Customer Experience is paramount to the success of your company. Because CX is a process (not a product), our team starts with you and your company before any discussion of tech. But thankfully, we don't just stop at process, as we help evaluate and deliver all the necessary tools and software a contact center requires. Oh, and we haven't even begun talking about Employee Experience (EX)...


Cyber Security

Be Vigilant! Data and network security is a constant battle that sucks IT staff's time and cash. Visibility and actionable insights are just scratching the surface in today's threat landscape. Threat actors do not stop attacking, and we must work diligently every day to protect. Our research into cyber security disruptors is unparalleled. It is a new era of cyber war and your teams need to be prepared!


Internet of (Every)Thing

Are you connected? Smart this and smart that. Why are all your things connected? Efficiency? Visibility? Speed? Yes! The speed of your business depends on how well your technology communicates and connects data back to your executives to make decisions for the health and growth of the business. IoT (Internet of Things), routing & switching, voice & video... All of it comes down to how you are moving and visualizing data!


We know our sh... stuff, and constantly research the future of tech, security, software, cloud, CX and tech you need to grow. Click a story below for our full analysis.

Alkira: Revolutionizing Cloud Infrastructure for Modern Enterprises

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, enterprises face a common challenge: how to seamlessly transition their complex infrastructure to the cloud while ensuring reliability, security, and efficiency. At our Stealth Infrastructure Experience event, William Collins, an industry veteran and the…

Are Your Secrets Truly Secret?

Oded Hareven gave a compelling presentation about the future of secrets management at our 2023 Security Summit. What is Akeyless? So, what’s Akeyless all about? Oded gave us the lowdown: Akeyless is a company dedicated to secrets management, which is…

Perimeter-based security is out. Zero trust is in.

In 3 Tree Tech forum keynote, Brian Wane, CEO of XQ confronted the digital age’s Goliath: sophisticated cybersecurity threats menacing organizations worldwide. Wane’s talk, dubbed “Data vs. Goliath,” didn’t just a focus on vulnerabilities; it was a call for a…