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What is hindering your ability to stay nimble with the break-neck speed of change?


How can your architecture be simple and automated but stay modular?


Why can't you break free of the confines of big tech tyranny?

Technical Prowess

IT leaders are changing the way they buy tech. You no longer need to be locked into a limited list provided by an agent, broker, reseller, let alone a carrier. We develop a best-in-class curated palette of tech solutions driven by your long-term goals. To do it right takes time you do not have. We actively vet and research emerging tech everywhere from niche disruptors to proven partners.

Trending Tech

As platform-agnostic tech researchers, we endlessly research and implement the best systems & tools for CTOs, CIOs, and COOs. Use us as your IT R&D department so you can get home for dinner.

These five trends are currently our most popular services.


AI Network

Machine Learning (ML)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven networks is our hottest service. It offers core and edge application-defined networking tech you only dream about. Automated and autonomous networking.



AIOps is the application of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) to IT Operations and marries up monitoring, alerting, management, and overarching ticketing platforms to allow for faster detection and resolution of issues in technology environments.


Wireless 5G

5G is rolling out and offers much greater speed, stability, and is a great way to supplement a bursting data pipe. But connectivity is just scratching the surface of 5G's potential. Sky's the limit.


Cyber Premonition Security

Data and network security is a constant battle that sucks IT staff's time and cash. Visibility and actionable insights are just scratching the surface in today's threat landscape. It is a new era of cyberwar.


AI Customer Experience

Traditional contact center solutions don't give the full picture when handling your customer's challenges or questions dynamically. There is a better way that is driven by Machine Learning (ML) and enhances customer experience no matter the communication medium.


We know our sh... stuff, and constantly research the future of IT, security, software, cloud and everything else. Click a story below for our full analysis.

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BigPanda AI Ops

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