About Us
About Us

How We Simplify The Complex

In the same way executive recruiters hunt for the best talent to help your company thrive, we find and vet technology, hardware or software solutions that aren't on your radar. Our methods are fueled by the unique challenges CIOs and CTOs face as they lead change.

Platform-Agnostic Approach

We draw from an evolving platform-agnostic portfolio of over 400 technology solution partners and providers that seamlessly work together, permanently ending your tech silos.


Technology Portfolio

Why Choose 3 Tree Tech

No Gimmicks.

When you ask suppliers what is needed to solve a problem, they push their wares, more mindful of contract value than enterprise value. (And often without consideration of the other technologies or processes that would be affected.)

New Technology Isn't A Strategy

As technologists, we know that technology is not the strategy. Technology is a means to implement the strategy. The best IT, software and hardware solutions are the ones you completely forget about.

Why Choose 3 Tree Tech


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Our Leadership

There wasn't an application or resume process. Our team was hand-picked and pursued to address the needs of an increasingly complex technology landscape.

Eric Skeens
Eric Skeens
Co-Founder & CTO
Kris Taylor
Kris Taylor
VP Cyber Security
Chris Moeller
Chris Moeller
Director of IoT & Mobility

They're the best in the biz. Behold, our strategic partners.