About Us
About Us

Evolution in Technology Distribution

If the words “agent” “MSP” "VAR" "reseller" or “broker” give you heartburn, we get it. Three years ago, Bob and Eric (our founders) noticed the way companies were buying technology was changing. CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs want research and insight without high-pressure selling to the most expensive (and high commission) crap. We offload your research.

What is a Tech Scout?

We assist our clients in making sense of the dizzying array and constantly evolving field of technology and solutions from our vantage point of 400+ suppliers. With such mission critical relevance to organizations, we are seeing incredibly rapid advancements in capabilities, and yesterday's leading solutions are not necessarily at the top of the game.

Cost Structure

When you ask suppliers what is needed to solve a problem, they push their wares, more mindful of contract value than enterprise value. (And often without consideration of the other technologies or processes that would be affected.) It sucks.

How We Make Moola

How do we keep the lights on? We make a commission from the solution provider we connect you to, but the real magic of our process is our “Hippocratic” cost structure that incentivizes long term relationships over moving inventory or ripping you off with pricey junk-tech.

Our Story

A nice cigar? A cup of specialty coffee? Movie night with the family? We love to enjoy what life has to offer and know you feel the same. That is why you need 3 Tree Tech. We will take on all the research and busy work to make your life away from the office a reality. Go ahead and make pancakes for the kids. We won’t tell.


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Our Leadership

There wasn't an application or resume process. Our team was hand-picked and pursued to address the needs of an increasingly complex technology landscape.

Chris Moeller
Chris Moeller
Director of IoT & Mobility
Jen Marsack
Jen Marsack
Executive Administrator