How We Make Moooola

Our research, consulting, and resources are considered a cost of business and there is never a charge for this time. Some clients have been with us for years without spending a dime. Obviously, we have to make a profit, but how do we do that?

The age-old agent, broker, reseller or MSP model is incentivized to close high margin deals and clear out old inventory that was useful last year. 3 Tree Tech approaches a company’s technology landscape through the lens of the Hippocratic oath where it states “First do no harm.”

The 3 Tree Tech bull pen
The 3 Tree Tech bull pen

How We Get Paid

We make moola only after you integrate a technology that works, but here’s where it gets cool.

Our partners pay us a commission only when you buy a solution that works for you. The best tech for your unique situation isn’t dependent on margins or revenue. Our tech scout model gives us the latitude to find disruptive and differentiated technology, while coming alongside the IT leaders and teams to help negotiate contract language and drive customer price as low as possible. Why?

Because we strive to build and nurture long-term relationships that lead to 3 Tree Tech being thought of and engaged to scout technology, solutions, and services regardless of the individual project or overall vision for the company.