How We Make Moooola

Our research, consulting, and resources are considered a cost of business and there is never a charge for this time. Some clients have been with us for years without spending a dime. Obviously, we have to make a profit though, right? So how do we do that?

The age-old agent, broker, reseller or MSP model is incentivized to close high dollar deals and clear out old inventory that was useful last year. 3 Tree Tech approaches a company’s technology landscape through the lens of the Hippocratic oath where it states “First do no harm.”

The 3 Tree Tech bull pen
The 3 Tree Tech bull pen

How We Get Paid

We make moola only after you integrate a technology that works, but here’s where it gets cool.

Our partners pay us a commission only when you buy a solution that works for you. The best tech for your unique situation may be the cheapest, losing us revenue but we will recommend it anyway. Why?

Because we make a profit through our referrals volume and the number of long term relationships we nurture. More happy IT leaders paying smaller prices means more profit for us.