Scouting Tech

When we begin working with you, we first assess your current technology debt, bringing in key partners to integrate the technologies that are on your mind right now. We call this your “plumbing” which could be network connectivity, voice services, mobility, data center, cloud, infrastructure, custom software development, or security. But it gets better.

Offloaded Due Diligence and IT R&D

We provide a full 360° view of your company goals, making sure we are avoiding silos, overlap, or worse, breaking stuff that was working. But what the heck is IT R&D?

We also serve as an R&D extension to your current IT department (IT R&D). Our clients offload their due diligence onto us when exploring new technologies, tech hang-ups, problems, or even when chasing down those Lepricons riding unicorn tasks for the CEO. (Hey, it happens to the best of them.)

Listening and writing
Shutting up is an art form and we're damn good at it.
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Sit back, sip your coffee and tell us your vision. We'll get it done.

Our Five Filters

The partners we recommend must make it through our four filters. The first four filters are technology, process, financials, and people. The fifth filter is your unique needs and goals.



Whether it’s using machine learning or artificial intelligence (ML/AI), all solutions and technologies should be incorporating the ability to do more with less through automating as many functions where possible. ML/AI aren’t a requirement for disruptive or differentiated technology, but it is an area that gives us a starting point when digging into the machinations of solutions or services.


Growing best-of-breed technology requires ever-evolving processes, whether that is through iterative product management and development or customer experience informed through all encompassing feedback.  Differentiated tech out works and out performs its competition.


All technologies have some risk associated with company size, support, architecture, people, existing integrations, but none can weather substantial financial risk. Any enterprise leader needs to anticipate all aspects of risk and understanding a technology company’s funding strategy, assets, and debts. Do the tea leaves indicate whether a company’s intent is to grow big and go public or to structure EBITDA to attract buyers?


Almost more important than finances and processes are the people at a company. Everyone from the visionaries to the operators; a successful company is dependent more on the people than on the technology. All technology is eventually copied and loses its uniqueness, but the companies that succeed amongst other similar tech are differentiated by the people.

Your current goals and infrastructure

You are the most important filter. Our research, consulting, and resources are considered a cost of business and there is never a charge for this time. Yes. We said NEVER a charge for our time. Some clients have been with us for years and haven’t spent a dime!