The 3 Tree Tech Story

Tech pioneer Bob Kingery and telecom entrepreneur Eric Skeens started 3 Tree Tech, quickly bringing on Kristopher Taylor to head up security and Chris Moeller to end up 5G and IoT. We saw a general disdain for agents, MSPs, resellers (VARs) and brokers.

They famously push older inventory, and high-dollar deals to get bigger commissions. Because of this, the industry was changing and department heads were simply going direct, bypassing the biased middleman. This created a new problem. Time.

3 Tree Tech Outdoor Lounge Area
3 Tree Tech Outdoor Lounge Area
Eric Skeens On Bloomberg Radio
Eric Skeens Interviewed On Bloomberg Markets AM live in NYC
3 Tree Tech Courtyard
3 Tree Tech Courtyard

We listened and responded to CIOs, CTOs, and IT Directors.

New tech today is six months to stupid and if the thought of keeping up with every new widget makes you want to take another shot of tequila, hold up. We watch the tech-scape for you alerting you of changes and best-in-class solutions that fit your long and short term plan.


Lots of time is required to stay up with the latest tech and by the time you thoroughly vet stuff your self, it’s already outdated or something better exists. That company might not even be on your radar. Someone needed to take the good parts of agents, brokers, and MSPs and get rid of the crap. That someone is us.


We are an extension of your IT team. Each member of our team has a different tech focus, actively vetting and researching the newest tech from a spectrum of disruptors to proven partners that have been around the block a few times.


We listened to the problems and spent time crying with CIOs and CTOs. (Just kidding, they don’t cry) They wanted research and insight without high-pressure to buy the most expensive crap that makes a nice commission—they wanted to offload the research. They wanted to do their work, but go home and spend time with their families without the fear of a panicked call.


We are damn proud of what we’ve accomplished, and although we can’t keep the CEO off your back as he or she drones on about a new idea, we can get you more coffee time, more time with the kids, and just a little more sleep. Save the tequila shot for a margarita this weekend.