How to defend against double extortion

Imagine someone locking you out of your own house, digging through your sensitive documents, and threatening to share this private information unless you pay them an exorbitant amount of money. For tech leaders, this is reality. Are you prepared to defend…

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Jacob Friedman explains how he got into cyber

As a featured guest on the The CISO Insights podcast Jacob Friedman told of his first unpleasant experience in cyber security, the flaw in Gartner’s approach, and the emerging themes he sees in cybersecurity. Hosted by Misha Sobolev, the show…

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A row of metal keys on a black background.
What’s the difference between Secrets Management and Password Vaulting?

When a client asked about the difference between secrets management and password vaulting, I realized his question was a good one. Our collective history of such a simple string of characters is one of pain, agony and frustration. There’s no…

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A goose hacking a network. (AI created)
A new tool from CISA that costs $0.00 ?

A free tool has been released by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) called “Untitled Goose Tool” or Goose for short. CISA states that the free tool helps network defenders detect potentially malicious activity by assisting in data gathering…

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AI to prevent call center agent burnout is backfiring.

We now know the downside of AI in call center operations. As ChatGPT changes the nature of work, AI for call center is having a surprising negative impact. The results are in. Reducing complexity and increasing efficiency has surprising side…

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A Microsoft PC in the process of an update
Unenforced GPOs, the gap in your armor

What is a Group Policy? It’s the method by which many IT execs update and apply security and configuration settings to groups of machines throughout their network. On the surface, it’s considered a proactive and efficient way to secure and…

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Lock sitting on a keyboard with dramatic lighting
How to decrypt data from ransomware

What is a decryption key? How is it used? And most importantly, what’s involved when it comes time to decrypt data from ransomware?  For the savvy CISO, understanding how decryption keys are used is vital. But it’s even more important…

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Most cybersecurity insurance policies are worthless in 2023.

Cybersecurity insurance policies have been seen by CISOs as a last-resort safety net, but by 2023 that safety will almost entirely be gone. Historically, losses incurred from downtime are reimbursed if tech executives agree to a set of compliance standards…

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people shaking hands
Are VARs worth it anymore?

Technology leaders, CISOs have changed how they make purchasing decisions. Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) have been a staple in the industry, known for making procurement easy, but tech execs have grown weary from heavy markups on inferior products. Markups are…

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Someone holding phone running Microsoft Teams
Why Are Teams Invites Added To Zoom Meetings?

Why are Teams invites added to Zoom meetings? What, you thought it was just you? It’s actually common. This irritating phenomenon is confusing for colleagues, vendors, and clients, and after reaching out to Microsoft even their solution was a bit…

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