A person using ChatGPT on a laptop
ChatGPT was breached and your IP may have been compromised   

The ChatGPT breach announced by OpenAI isn’t just their problem. It should be a top concern for CISOs. If anyone in your organization has used ChatGPT, you might be impacted. Your employees are likely testing ChatGPT to aid in various…

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Phishing email shown with external and spam marking shown.
How phishing emails work

Hackers primarily target your organization in one of two ways: they jiggle millions of “doorknobs” per second or engage in a targeted attack. One targeted attack method is a phishing or BEC (business email compromise) attack. CISOs are well-acquainted with…

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remote worker on the couch with her cat
What’s the benefit of SASE?

SASE was created to address two primary concerns. Organizations using SD-WAN solutions needed better security, and VPNs were becoming increasingly bottlenecked. So, what is SASE? As organizations tried to integrate Cloud Security providers like ZScaler for SWG and Netskope for CASB…

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nesting dolls
Malware VS Ransomware: Can AI save the CISO?

AI and ML are promising tools in the cyber security war. Using them to prevent an attack is top of mind for CISOs. But the differences between malware and ransomware make one easy to detect with AI, while the other…

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Firmware is the new cybersecurity attack: here’s why

With Russia ratcheting up its cyberattacks against companies in the USA, DHS/CISA has asked enterprise organizations to check and update their firmware. To get ahead of potential challenges, savvy IT leaders are asking when this kind of attack became mainstream,…

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crossed out words reading prevention, detection. The word premonition is not crossed out. Various patterns are behind the text.
Cyber Premonition: The End of the Prevention vs Detection Debate.

The endless cyber debate between prevention and detection may be settled thanks to former NSA Data Scientists. A new method, not yet on the market (but being fast tracked due to new Russian threats), enables security professionals to visualize their…

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35% of Enterprise Employee Data Is On The DarkWeb.

The dark web is a rich resource for internet scoundrels peddling stolen information, but have you been curious how much of your employee’s data is exposed or how to search the dark web to begin with? You may believe having…

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How can 150 Million in DARPA research improve your security posture?

As our team was researching the DOD’s big 700 Million RFP for their 20 Combat centers, we learned the requirement that all security vendors selected must send their logs to a specific artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) driven NextGen SIEM. Intrigued,…

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Cybersecurity’s Focus On Prevention Is A Vulnerability

Can hacking be stopped? As the conventional cybersecurity industry focuses on prevention, their profits reach into the billions and hacker profits exceed the illegal drug trade. CIO and CTO leaders are conditioned to accept they will be hacked, shelling out…

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Tech Silos Hurt Service

Winning customer experience is how you make yourself disruption-proof, but staff training isn’t good enough as large entities use tech to scale. Your best intentions go out the window when your siloed tech kills customer service. If you change your…

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