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Are the Giants of Tech telling you that all you need are their widgets or their network or their services to extend your enterprise into the cloud? Aren’t Cisco, HP or IBM safe bets? Can’t you just have Verizon or AT&T manage and handle your transformation? Technology today is moving faster than ever before. Every technology decision you make today will be outdated in 6-months. So how can you stay nimble when you depend on behemoths with too much red tape to innovate?

In this talk, the co-founder of 3 Tree Tech, Eric Skeens, focuses on automation and DevOps across your applications, infrastructure, and network. He dispels how large distributed global networks can be secured, automated, and managed from a centrally located SOC/NOC, providing your enterprise with the nimbleness and autonomy that can’t be achieved leveraging the non-innovative Tech Giants.

About the event

This BrightTALK keynote was from the 3 Tree Tech Digital Transformation Summit from Nov 16th to Nov 19th, 2020. Want to be at our next event? Sign up below.

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