An illustration of a long, dark, ominous call center. The workers look like worker-drones.
2024 CX Trends: AI will unburden call centers

What are the hottest CX tech trends of 2024? We asked CX tech executives in a new 3-part series. First up is Charles Hicks. Hicks is a leader of CX Partnerships at Zoom. He’s an explorer of new and exciting…

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Evil IT guy with black leather coat sitting on a throne. (AI generated)
Are CTOs the CX bad guy?

New tools to enhance customer experience (CX) can come with baggage. While well-intentioned CX leaders see a beautiful wooden horse, tech leaders see the fall of Troy and their inevitable beheading. Risk and breaking working systems are concerns. For this…

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A man in a suit on a phone call while checking his laptop.
How to integrate CX systems. AI is the answer.

CXOs, the struggle is real. Your app and website know the customer and provide a tailored experience, but when that customer calls customer service, they’re transported to 1995. The core challenge is poorly integrated tech systems that don’t play nice…

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Plane seems to be spinning out of control.
Your competitors escaped the CX death spiral. Did you?

In early 2022, customer patience with pandemic-era excuses ended. Entering the 4th quarter of 2023, CXOs have finally been able to pull themselves out of the CX death spiral. The data is clear: for companies with existing poor service scores,…

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How can you verify the authenticity of a caller in CX?

For CXOs, verifying a customer is both the cornerstone and Achilles Heel of customer service. On one hand, properly identifying and verifying (ID&V) a customer is a requirement to build customer loyalty and drive new revenue. But on the other…

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Discussing CX on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Problem Solvers”

When you call customer service and enter your info, why does the agent ask for it AGAIN!? It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries and our own Eric Skeens was invited to decode this mystery on Problem Solvers by Entrepreneur Magazine…

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Are CX Leaders An AI Bottleneck?

New technology like AI, and sophisticated language models will drive a competitive advantage for your CX and operations, but are leaders laggards?  Customer satisfaction, a measure of Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES)…

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AI to prevent call center agent burnout is backfiring.

We now know the downside of AI in call center operations. As ChatGPT changes the nature of work, AI for call center is having a surprising negative impact. The results are in. Reducing complexity and increasing efficiency has surprising side…

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Group of matches, some are burned
The cost of burnout in US companies for 2023

The cost of doing business doesn’t always show up in your P&L report. That’s why Customer Experience (CX) leaders are starting to recognize the hidden costs of doing business: like burnout costs. When a highly trained call center agent is…

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Customer service
Build VS Buy in CX

As a CXO if you haven’t noticed, increasing speed and customer experience convenience is a race. Customer access to sophisticated self-serve tools is no longer a nice surprise but a minimum expectation when doing business with you. To keep up,…

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