A drone flying in a city near a skyline at dusk.
Why aren’t drones for commercial purposes mainstream? 

Some consider drones a nuisance, while others fly them recreationally. Most of us agree they have great potential, especially in the commercial space, but have you wondered why the solutions we have access to are limited and why such cutting-edge…

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woman walking through airport terminal with bag
Does eSIM Make International Travel Easier?

As tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple launch new flagship products and new devices, eSIM has taken center stage. Apple announced eSIM during their iPhone 14 launch event, but does eSIM make international travel easier?   People around the world…

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IoT devices and SIM card remover tool
What is eSim? And how does it impact IoT?

eSIM and SmartSIM for IoT has changed the way CIOs and CTOs use cellular for their deployment and connectivity strategy. If you’re evaluating cellular as a backup for your primary connection, manufacturing a new IoT device, or taking a more…

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Temperature reading on IoT smart grill
Why do consumers have IoT WiFi connectivity problems?

If your company has IoT functionality or apps that work with your products, you probably take thousands (or more) connectivity and WiFi-related complaints from customers. An R&D partner for a major grill manufacturer engaged me as they began researching customers’…

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What’s Next In Connected Health?

While every industry takes advantage of the latest advancements in tech (or at least should) advancements within health care may be the most important. Not only does connected health make things easier for patients and care providers, but it saves…

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people working in high tech facility with white type that says 'the 4th industrial revolution is here'
Is COVID-19 The 4th Industrial Revolution Catalyst?

Even though many believe 2015 or 2016 started the 4th Industrial Revolution, I believe history will look at 2020 as one of the most transformative years in our history. COVID-19 didn’t just impact virtual meeting adoption but has pushed technologies…

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Covid-19 Tracking Tech, Capabilities, Faults and Future Uses

Camera systems have been widely used for security and production line monitoring for quite some time, but now surveillance is being used to minimize infections and safeguard the workplace. But best-in-class Covid-19 tracking systems I’ve researched aren’t just beneficial for…

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drone flying
The Future of IoT Integration

IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the biggest buzzwords in technology and most semi-tech savvy folks define the term to mean a series of connected physical objects that transfer data over a network without human interaction. With such a…

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