Hardware-Blades Are Out. CloudBlades are In.

New tech released Wednesday has been designed to end the age-old practice that has forced CIOs and IT teams to maintain expensive hardware refresh cycles and tolerate products that routinely struggle to deliver high performance. The era of building “hardware-blades” in a multi-function router or multiple appliances to the remote office has evaporated into the cloud in the form of CloudBlades.

CloudBlades Explained

Prior to the pervasiveness of cloud consumable applications, IT organizations were fairly used to building all of their applications onto hardware blades. This practice was a huge leap forward from single rack-mounted servers, and it served its purpose, but it still had problems. Any great team knows the practice still required build and management teams for hardware, in addition requiring a separate team for applications.

The CloudBlades platform addresses the operational complexity, unreliable networks, and performance challenges CIOs and IT teams have dealt with for quite some time, allowing new infrastructure for the network (SD-WAN for example), security, collaboration, multi-cloud access and operational tools, without additional hardware or software. You read that correctly, without.

“Our CloudBlades approach enables one-click, high-performance delivery of infrastructure services from the cloud, using best-of-breed providers in each category.” explained Kumar Ramachandran, the CEO of CloudGenix.

As security concerns speed up, competitors become more advanced and opportunities for new collaborations and innovations arise, leadership has a tendency to demand big-picture solutions, and as CIOs know, those solutions come with big-picture costs. It’s a growing concern for company leaders and the primary reason why our partner CloudGenix addressed it with their CloudBlades product.

“With the platform, we can deliver best-of-breed infrastructure services from the cloud with no additional hardware or software,” Bob Kingery, our co-founder said in CRN. “That’s a huge benefit as we help our clients through their digital transformation.”

Eric Skeens of 3 Tree Tech

Eric Skeens is the co-founder of 3 Tree Tech. If your company is considering CloudBlade technology, SD-WAN, or Wireless 5G, reach out to simplify the complex.

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