BigPanda & Bull Run Distillery

The AI Ops Market... What's Real & What's Bull?

If you believe everything you read, every IT Ops vendor offers something around AI and automation... making the AI Ops market cluttered and confusing. Wading through the countless tools that claim to deliver superior algorithmic analysis is udderly frustrating.


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What to Expect

3 Tree Tech and BigPanda are hosting a private happy hour event for IT Ops leaders who are navigating the AI Ops market. Eric Skeens from 3 Tree Tech will go over the AI Ops landscape and Jason Walker, former IT Ops leader for Blizzard Games, will get into the nitty-gritty of how BigPanda & Open Box Machine Learning improves IT Ops in the gaming industry.


Distilling the Time

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 at 4pm CT | 5pm ET

  • Pour Bull Run Bourbon
  • Kickoff & Introductions (3 Tree Tech, BigPanda, & Bull Run Distillery)
  • AI Ops Landscape (Eric Skeens - 3 Tree Tech)
  • Overview of BigPanda (Tre Gillis - BigPanda)
  • Pour Bull Run Bourbon
  • Fireside Chat with Jason Walker, former IT Ops Leader for Blizzard Entertainment
  • Question & Answer Session (Everyone)