Executive Roundtable
Executive Roundtable

Tech's Best Minds in One Place

The 3 Tree Tech-Exec Roundtable is a venue where tech executives from as local as Portland and Seattle to as far-away as Atlanta and New York City come together to understand how different technologies in a featured Global 2000 company come together to provide increased VISIBILITY and decreased RISK while being wrapped up in a beautiful AUTOMATION bow. You will not want to miss this opportunity to engage and network with other Fortune 1000 innovators!

What to Expect

Every 3 TreeTech-Exec Roundtable will have featured speakers from Fortune 1000 companies that have proven to be change agents within the IT space. As a tech exec, you will hear from speakers presenting concrete steps they took to drive change to bring better visibility, improve risk mitigation, increase the adoption of automated frameworks and other topics.



Following all the presentations, there will be an opportunity for you to dig deeper with each and every speaker through a panel engagement. You will determine what questions are asked and get hands-on feedback from panelists and other attendees.

Leading CISOs, CTOs, CIOs, and Directors will attend the 3 Tree Tech-Exec Roundtable, meaning the attendees will be just as skilled as our panel speakers and panel participants. It’s like a tech galactic council meeting and you’re in control.



The 3 Tree Tech-Exec Roundtable is held annually in beautiful Portland, Oregon (2020 was held virtually for obvious reasons.)

You should expect world-class speakers, an in-person roundtable, amazing food, beverages, and giveaways.

Machine Shop to Tech Haven

We took a former 1950s machine shop and transformed it into a forum crafted for CIOs, IT Directors, and CTOs to gain insight from our curated panel of tech-execs who are leading their industries through large strides in tech integrations and innovations. All CIOs, IT Directors, and CTOs agree that tech is a complicated mess, and this panel simplified the complex. We created a space that extends exclusive access to vetted leaders who are integrating the most elegant solutions to address the most complex problems. The roundtable focuses on automation and DevOps across your applications, your infrastructure, and your secure network.

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The 3 Tree Tech-Exec Roundtable is invite only. Enter your name and three randomly chosen guests will received airfare and 2-nights hotel covered at no-charge. You may also email us at roundtable@3treetech.com to get on the list.

Roundtable Event

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3 Tree Tech Exec Roundtable 2022

Tuesday Jan 25th & Thursday Jan 27th, 2022

This roundtable will focus on discovery, detection, and remediation of vulnerabilities and threats in your organization. Our tech-exec roundtable will be a double-header: one in Cincinnati, Ohio and one in Portland, Oregon. We will have a variety of customer speakers and security practitioners to help navigate the cyber security storm.

3 Tree Tech Exec Roundtable 2021

Friday Aug 13th, 2021

This roundtable will focus on today’s threats, what to anticipate tomorrow, and how to prepare your enterprise for the “when” not the “if.” Our infosec-exec roundtable will be led by Carraig Stanwyck, Security Leader of Wave Financial (H&R Block’s big bet on SMB companies). Join 3 Tree Tech and some of the most sought after cybersecurity minds, as we learn how large distributed global enterprises are targeted today, what can be done to prepare for tomorrow leveraging AI/ML and automation, and how a musically inclined mind and cybersecurity go hand-in-hand.

3 Tree Tech Exec Roundtable 2020

Thursday Nov 19th, 2020

This virtual 3 Tree Tech-Exec Roundtable will be led by Erik Fritzler, Principal Infrastructure Architect of H&R Block. He will dispel how large distributed global networks can be secured, automated, and managed from a centrally located SOC/NOC.

3 Tree Tech Exec Roundtable 2019

Tuesday October 29th, 2019

This in-person 3 Tree Tech-Exec Roundtable will be led by John Spiegel, the director of Applications and Infrastructure of Columbia Sportswear. He will unpack how his team transformed Columbia Sportswear from a silo’d, disparate technology organization to a well-oiled, automated, and DevOps centric business.