Sometimes the lack of visibility and the speed at which we can remediate problems causes us to want to drink whiskey as Kane Brown does in his song One Mississippi! Thankfully, BigPanda's AIOps and Ntirety's Monitoring Insights provide enterprises the fastest speed to detection and remediation for IT and your Help Desk.



Customer experience (CX) platforms are "playing roulette with our hearts", as they haven't fundamentally changed for over 20 years from the originally designed platform that relied on customers using home telephones to communicate! UJET is disrupting the CX and contact center market by building a mobile-first experience for today's tech-savvy generation of customers.


Tree Tech

Customer experience is dependent on visibility and communication in-depth. Visibility and remediation of issues in your internal and external applications, along with what technology is best used to support all channels of communication can sometimes feel like "blowing smoke rings in the dark." The right tech at the right time takes the right team!