How To Get Your CISSP: Part 2

For those new to this series, 3 Tree Tech CTO, Eric Skeens has decided to document every step of the journey to better shed light for IT nerds and executives. For those wondering how to get your CISSP, check out Part 1.

Legal Doesn’t Mean Ethical

Eric Skeens: Howdy. This is Eric Skeens, CTO and co-founder of 3 Tree Tech. I wanted to update everyone in regards to my studies around the CISSP. I’ve been rolling through the first domain within the eight domains, laid out for the CISSP. And I’ve been again, leveraging—if you haven’t watched the first video—I’ve been leveraging Shon Harris’ all in one guide, which is right back here. Right there.

And I wanted to give you an update because a lot of you have been reaching out to me in regards to again, I asked for accountability and you guys and gals have been staying up to date with me, keeping up to date with me via email, via text. Some of you have talked to me over the phone and said, “Hey, how’s everything going with that?” After we’ve talked about business components or personal components. And I really appreciate that.

It’s been very helpful. It’s been something that continues to keep me top of mind within my studies. And so some of the areas that I’ve been rolling through one of the main overarching components for domain one or the first domain, which I took away, and obviously there’s a lot built into there because it is a doozy. The first domain is by far the meatiest of all the domains.

And the biggest thing that I took away was actually in the end of the studies, and it talked about the fact that just because something’s lawful or legal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ethical. And so as a security professional, that’s one of those components you need to take away as you’re engaging within business. So the areas that were covered pretty heavily, we’re walking through the fundamentals.

So the main fundamentals around security, availability, integrity, confidentiality. And then how do you balance security within the whole framework of technology itself? And then you have the security frameworks, the complexities of cyber crime, threat modeling. And these are just to name a few, business continuity, the best practices around hiring people into your organization.

And then again, I can’t stress legal versus ethical. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ethical. So I appreciate everybody keeping me accountable. I’m going to be taking the practice exam at the end of that first domain. And it has practice exams in the study guide after every single domain.

I haven’t taken the practice exam, but I plan on doing that here in the next couple of days. I finished out the domain from a studying perspective. And again, appreciate everyone keeping me accountable. I look forward to continue to provide what I’m learning throughout this process, as well as if you have any questions around security, security platforms, solutions, 3 Tree Tech, we as an organization have prided ourselves on finding disruptors and differentiators in that space.

And we will continue to provide solutions that simplify the complex within technology. And thank you again. Subscribe and like to this video. We have other videos within our YouTube page, as well as you can go to our website and find some of those videos as well, and some of the content and the articles that we write. Appreciate it. Thank you very much. Have a great week.

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Eric Skeens of 3 Tree Tech

Eric Skeens is the co-founder of 3 Tree Tech in Portland. He is a platform-agnostic tech researcher that transitions siloed organizations into automated DevOps centric businesses. Message him right here.

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