Landon Lewis Breaks Down Axiom’s Value for CISOs


In his 3 Tree Tech cyber security summit keynote, Landon Lewis of Axiom offered a detailed examination of the evolving landscape of event data management, underlining the challenges and breakthroughs in the field. “In the beginning, we were just modifying CIS log lines… But now, we’re talking about terabytes of data from IoT devices,” said Lewis as he showcased the drastic shift in data volume and complexity over the years. He criticized traditional data management solutions for their inefficiencies, specifically targeting Splunk’s licensing model as a pain point for businesses: “The traditional models… they’re not built for the scale we’re dealing with today.”

Lewis introduced Axiom as a revolutionary platform poised to transform data management through its cloud-native approach. He praised its economic and operational benefits, stating, “Axiom changes the game by allowing businesses to store and query vast amounts of data without worrying about the footprint or cost.” This approach, he explained, leverages S3 for storage and serverless functions for querying, significantly reducing the need for indexes and, by extension, operational costs.

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Explaining Axiom Pricing Model

Axiom’s pricing model, according to Lewis, is designed to be accessible and scalable, offering “a per-terabyte pricing model that drastically undercuts traditional data management systems.” This, he argued, democratizes data search and analysis, making it feasible for companies to retain and analyze all their data affordably.

Moreover, Lewis highlighted Axiom’s strategic focus on security and scalability, mentioning, “We’re not just building a product; we’re building an ecosystem that’s secure, compliant, and ready to scale with your business.” He revealed plans for achieving SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, underscoring Axiom’s commitment to data security and regulatory compliance.

Lewis paints a clear picture of the challenges in current data management practices and offered Axiom as a robust, cost-effective solution. By leveraging cloud-native technologies and a forward-thinking pricing model, Axiom aims to enable businesses to manage their data more efficiently and at scale, marking a significant shift away from traditional, costly data management models.