Phishing email shown with external and spam marking shown.
How phishing emails work

Hackers primarily target your organization in one of two ways: they jiggle millions of “doorknobs” per second or engage in a targeted attack. One targeted attack method is a phishing or BEC (business email compromise) attack. CISOs are well-acquainted with…

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Customer service
Build VS Buy in CX

As a CXO if you haven’t noticed, increasing speed and customer experience convenience is a race. Customer access to sophisticated self-serve tools is no longer a nice surprise but a minimum expectation when doing business with you. To keep up,…

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A drone flying in a city near a skyline at dusk.
Why aren’t drones for commercial purposes mainstream? 

Some consider drones a nuisance, while others fly them recreationally. Most of us agree they have great potential, especially in the commercial space, but have you wondered why the solutions we have access to are limited and why such cutting-edge…

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A Microsoft PC in the process of an update
Unenforced GPOs, the gap in your armor

What is a Group Policy? It’s the method by which many IT execs update and apply security and configuration settings to groups of machines throughout their network. On the surface, it’s considered a proactive and efficient way to secure and…

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remote worker on the couch with her cat
What’s the benefit of SASE?

SASE was created to address two primary concerns. Organizations using SD-WAN solutions needed better security, and VPNs were becoming increasingly bottlenecked. So, what is SASE? As organizations tried to integrate Cloud Security providers like ZScaler for SWG and Netskope for CASB…

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What is the difference between SASE and SSE?

What are the differences between Secure Access Server Edge (SASE) and Secure Service Edge (SSE), what use cases do they solve, and most importantly, how does SASE or SSE help your organization?  In 2010, the world was a different place….

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Lock sitting on a keyboard with dramatic lighting
How to decrypt data from ransomware

What is a decryption key? How is it used? And most importantly, what’s involved when it comes time to decrypt data from ransomware?  For the savvy CISO, understanding how decryption keys are used is vital. But it’s even more important…

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EV charging for properties shown. A woman is entering payment information at a retail shop to charge her car.
Hot new market: EV Charging for property owners.

In the same way, the iPhone enabled an entire app-store market, EVs will do the same. Creating a brand new market around charging. Not only will the entire convenience-store-as-a-destination model change as EV charging becomes profitable and decentralized, but EV…

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Customer experience (CX) team pictured with headsets
The Great CX Disruption has arrived. Are you prepared?

The great disruption in customer experience (CX) has arrived. Self-serve tools allow customers to handle their own problems, Average Handle Time (AHT) is no longer a success metric, First Call Resolution (FCR) is now standard, and even the smallest little…

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nesting dolls
Malware VS Ransomware: Can AI save the CISO?

AI and ML are promising tools in the cyber security war. Using them to prevent an attack is top of mind for CISOs. But the differences between malware and ransomware make one easy to detect with AI, while the other…

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