Challenges implementing SASE, and better strategies.

In a recent panel discussion at SECtember, industry experts John Spiegel and Jaye Tillson of Axis / HPE joined 3 Tree Tech managing partner, Eric Skeens to discuss the challenges implementing SASE. The trio focused their comments on the evolving…

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Evil IT guy with black leather coat sitting on a throne. (AI generated)
Are CTOs the CX bad guy?

New tools to enhance customer experience (CX) can come with baggage. While well-intentioned CX leaders see a beautiful wooden horse, tech leaders see the fall of Troy and their inevitable beheading. Risk and breaking working systems are concerns. For this…

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How to defend against double extortion

Imagine someone locking you out of your own house, digging through your sensitive documents, and threatening to share this private information unless you pay them an exorbitant amount of money. For tech leaders, this is reality. Are you prepared to defend…

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A man in a suit on a phone call while checking his laptop.
How to integrate CX systems. AI is the answer.

CXOs, the struggle is real. Your app and website know the customer and provide a tailored experience, but when that customer calls customer service, they’re transported to 1995. The core challenge is poorly integrated tech systems that don’t play nice…

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Jacob Friedman explains how he got into cyber

As a featured guest on the The CISO Insights podcast Jacob Friedman told of his first unpleasant experience in cyber security, the flaw in Gartner’s approach, and the emerging themes he sees in cybersecurity. Hosted by Misha Sobolev, the show…

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Eric Skeens SSE Forum
Managing Partner, Eric Skeens discusses our history

What’s the point of 3 Tree Tech? Our managing partner, Eric Skeens was invited onto the The Edge Podcast by the SSE Forum to explain the story. He told host John Spiegel there was a big problem with the “V”…

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Plane seems to be spinning out of control.
Your competitors escaped the CX death spiral. Did you?

In early 2022, customer patience with pandemic-era excuses ended. Entering the 4th quarter of 2023, CXOs have finally been able to pull themselves out of the CX death spiral. The data is clear: for companies with existing poor service scores,…

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How can you verify the authenticity of a caller in CX?

For CXOs, verifying a customer is both the cornerstone and Achilles Heel of customer service. On one hand, properly identifying and verifying (ID&V) a customer is a requirement to build customer loyalty and drive new revenue. But on the other…

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Discussing CX on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Problem Solvers”

When you call customer service and enter your info, why does the agent ask for it AGAIN!? It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries and our own Eric Skeens was invited to decode this mystery on Problem Solvers by Entrepreneur Magazine…

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A row of metal keys on a black background.
What’s the difference between Secrets Management and Password Vaulting?

When a client asked about the difference between secrets management and password vaulting, I realized his question was a good one. Our collective history of such a simple string of characters is one of pain, agony and frustration. There’s no…

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