Discussing CX on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Problem Solvers”

When you call customer service and enter your info, why does the agent ask for it AGAIN!? It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries and our own Eric Skeens was invited to decode this mystery on Problem Solvers by Entrepreneur Magazine…

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A row of metal keys on a black background.
What’s the difference between Secrets Management and Password Vaulting?

When a client asked about the difference between secrets management and password vaulting, I realized his question was a good one. Our collective history of such a simple string of characters is one of pain, agony and frustration. There’s no…

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Are CX Leaders An AI Bottleneck?

New technology like AI, and sophisticated language models will drive a competitive advantage for your CX and operations, but are leaders laggards?  Customer satisfaction, a measure of Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES)…

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A person using ChatGPT on a laptop
ChatGPT was breached and your IP may have been compromised   

The ChatGPT breach announced by OpenAI isn’t just their problem. It should be a top concern for CISOs. If anyone in your organization has used ChatGPT, you might be impacted. Your employees are likely testing ChatGPT to aid in various…

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Our own Jacob Friedman Featured on Infosec.Live!

Our own tech scout Jacob Friedman was featured on InfoSecLive’s LinkedIn livestream and on YouTube today by Simon Linstead. Info-sec.live is a cybersecurity community that was launched in June 2021. It has grown to over 4000 members and is followed…

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A goose hacking a network. (AI created)
A new tool from CISA that costs $0.00 ?

A free tool has been released by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) called “Untitled Goose Tool” or Goose for short. CISA states that the free tool helps network defenders detect potentially malicious activity by assisting in data gathering…

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AI to prevent call center agent burnout is backfiring.

We now know the downside of AI in call center operations. As ChatGPT changes the nature of work, AI for call center is having a surprising negative impact. The results are in. Reducing complexity and increasing efficiency has surprising side…

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Group of matches, some are burned
The cost of burnout in US companies for 2023

The cost of doing business doesn’t always show up in your P&L report. That’s why Customer Experience (CX) leaders are starting to recognize the hidden costs of doing business: like burnout costs. When a highly trained call center agent is…

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Phishing email shown with external and spam marking shown.
How phishing emails work

Hackers primarily target your organization in one of two ways: they jiggle millions of “doorknobs” per second or engage in a targeted attack. One targeted attack method is a phishing or BEC (business email compromise) attack. CISOs are well-acquainted with…

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Customer service
Build VS Buy in CX

As a CXO if you haven’t noticed, increasing speed and customer experience convenience is a race. Customer access to sophisticated self-serve tools is no longer a nice surprise but a minimum expectation when doing business with you. To keep up,…

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