SD-WAN Wins For 3 Tree Tech Clients

Gen 2 SD-WAN with the help of CloudGenix can roll-out quickly for our clients and can truly give them the freedom to expand and grow, no matter what their current technology state may be. Ryan Williams, Director of Channel Sales for CloudGenix asked Eric Skeens, 3 Tree Tech’s co-founder, Eric Skeens about a recent win for a client.

Full Transcript of Eric Skeens Interview:

Ryan Williams: All right, so we’re coming to you live from the Intelisys Group pavilion with Eric Skeens, trusted partner and advisor for us at CloudGenix for 3 Tree Technologies. So Eric, thanks for joining me. And-

Eric Skeens: Thanks for grabbing me.

Williams: Let’s just talk about a great recent customer win with you, so let’s just go through it.

Skeens: Great, it was an amazing customer. We’ve gotten a lot of experience and a lot of relationships up the stack within the organization, within the leadership, everything of that sort. As we came in, we realized pretty quickly that they didn’t have the technology aspect right. They looked to us to say, “Okay, what are we going to do in order to enable everything within their organization, and kind of just change.” Because they grew really quickly from 2008 to today, from 25 locations to 150 locations.

Williams: Wow. That’s fast

Skeens: Yeah. With that continual growth, they never kept up with the technology aspect. We were surprised that they didn’t have any issues. That was the big thing for us. We were like, “You have this put together like this? And you have no issues?”

Williams: And it’s working?

Skeens: And it’s working.

Williams: I’m assuming secure SD-WAN was a big thing. Your security had to play a pretty important role when you’re talking casino.

Skeens: Yeah. Regulations. It’s done by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Williams: Commissions, yep. So compliance and all those things kind of came into the dialog.

Skeens: Correct. As we were looking at it, we’ve got all these underlying aspects that are unique to the gaming regulations, the gaming world. Going in, we said, “Okay. What do we start with? We can start with the plumbing.” And that’s where CloudGenix came into play. The big thing is the applications, that’s table stakes. We have to make sure those are up.

Skeens: But it wasn’t just the applications being up that really mattered, one of the things that the president and the CIO had mentioned is, “We don’t have visibility in our applications. We don’t have visibility in the performance, the health of all those applications.” That was where we came in, and it was great.

Skeens: We had Kumar in there, the CEO of CloudGenix, sitting in that room speaking to the president of the company. The president asks a point blank question. “I need customized reports. What are you going to do for me right there?” And Kumar, being Kumar and the amazing individual he is, he said, “I will personally help make sure those reports are done right and however you need them customized, we can do that.”

Williams: Doesn’t surprise me that he’s jumping in with two feet.

Skeens: Oh course!

Williams: Leadership comes from the top. We feel like we have a similar culture, so I think having those guys in the room must have been a pretty cool conversation. I think this is a great win. I’m super excited for you guys, right? 150 site deal is not a small deal, so congratulations. So thankful for the partnership. Listen, many more and I wish you just the most continued success, and huge success going forward.

Skeens: Yeah. Thank you.

Eric Skeens of 3 Tree Tech

Eric Skeens is the co-founder of 3 Tree Tech. His team has the expertise to tame your tech infrastructure. Whether it’s Gen 2 SD-WAN, Wireless 5G implementation or cybersecurity, call us to simplify the complex.

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