Content & Process

Content & Process

As the revolutions that are taking place in networks, cloud, and mobility are changing the way organizations communicate and stay connected, paper-centric processes have been going through a quieter, yet extremely impactful evolution. 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR technology took our breath away when we could scan static forms to minimize the amount of human error in data entry.  It wasn’t until OCR engines began getting more accurate and smarter and morphing into Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology.  Handwriting!

Yes handwriting could now be recognized and indexed, but with minimal accuracy still.  Then facial recognition brought a whole new level of capabilities.  With this ever-evolving and encompassing technology, new opportunities and new challenges pop up.

Recognition Revolution

The Recognition revolution feeds into a whole industry that involves massive stores of content and data. Video, pictures, documents, forms, and faxes (yes, faxes!) to name a few. This content and data feeds into processes for everything from insurance claims to healthcare records to banking and finance transactions to basic scanning of paper-based documents to security camera feeds.  The use-cases become endless, but more importantly the data and content is ever-increasing.

What does an organization do with all this information?  How is it all managed and contained? We can untangle the mess.