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Gen 2 SD-WAN

3 Tree Tech can help your company transition to Gen 2 SD-WAN. The platform options we have available guard against network downtime and allow organizations to get out from under their dependency on any single network or ISP.  It’s truly an exciting technology and we’re proud of the integrations we’ve managed.

Benefits of Gen 2 SD-WAN

We’re often asked about Gen 1 VS Gen 2 SD-Wan and it’s important to understand the 2nd Generation of this tech was developed to fulfill all the promises of this technology.

Gen 2 SD-WAN is designed to route traffic based on actual application policy definitions.  It enables the network to be defined to enforce policies around performance, security, and compliance. This means that you can prioritize critical functions on your network, allowing various physical office locations to function, even under limited connectivity constraints.

The beautiful thing about the technology is that it eliminates carrier dependencies and restrictions around how your organization uses applications (data center, private cloud, public cloud, SaaS, for example).  Users gain desired application performance and experience without needing extensive networking expertise.


Location Scalability & Rapid Deployment

Gen 2 SD-WAN allows organizations to seamlessly use various broadband or internet connections, depending on limited bandwidth or network viability, managing everything from the cloud.

This means new locations or properties can be brought into your network with the literal flip of a switch, recognizing the same standards your other properties use.


Let 3 Tree Tech Help

3Tree Tech looks past simple hardware and tech solutions and focuses on the sustainable vision you have for your company. No CIO on earth truly wants to implement new technology and deal with the associated headache, they just want everything to work.

That’s why our customers choose us to help them implement Gen 2 SD-WAN with our curated partners.

Reach out to us today to schedule a no-charge consult.