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IoT Technology

IoT (Internet of Things) is generally defined as a network of physical objects that transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction, but even this is limited in scope.

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IoT (Internet of Things) Background

IoT (Internet of Things) is an evolutionary step from M2M, this tech started earlier with the Connected Device. For over 20 years now, people have been connecting devices to toggle them on or off, gather information, or engage in other interactions remotely.


Use Cases To Integrate IoT Technology

Temp, humidity, water, motion detection, and carbon monoxide are only the beginning of what how companies are choosing to integrate IoT technology. Voltage/current meters, light, pressure, on/off, open/close, seat occupancy, ultrasonic, liquid levels, are also possible uses.

Health Care: Medical biometrics, heartrate, O2, EKG/ECG, hydration, sleep quality, telehealth, environmental monitoring.

Food Services: Food Temp and safety, Remote/Advanced ordering, Self Serve sensors in foodservice.

Facility Management: Environmental sensors to both take on some of the daily tedious manual tasks as well as helping in avoiding/mitigating major issues.

Where Is IoT Growing Rapidly?

    • Smart Cities
    • Smart Energy
    • TeleHealth
    • Connected Car
    • Connected Buildings

How 3 Tree Tech Integrates IoT

3 Tree Tech empowers clients IoT (Internet of Things) deliverables by vetting the best solutions on the market, many of which you may not know about. Our platform-agnostic approach looks beyond added hardware and tech options, seamlessly blending the best solution into your existing infrascture. By eliminating tech silos, tech leaders can focus on their sustainable vision for the company. No CIO or CTO on earth wants to implement new technology and the associated headache, they just want everything to work. That’s why we are growing.

Let us guide you. We can simplify the complex.

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