Brandon Bird
VP Business Development

Brandon Bird

Who Is Brandon Bird

Bird is an executive with a twenty-year track record of exceeding business goals in Australia and America. He has focused on the communication and customer experience (CX) industry as a Vice President, Individual Contributor, Sales Director, and Global Sales Director with responsibility for organizational, sales, and product strategy as well as day-to-day operational management across many vertical markets.

Experienced in building and leading successful start-up operations and building high-growth teams as well as directing established operations. Excellent ability to work well on a collaborative basis with other teams to resolve issues.

Why 3 Tree Tech?

The reason why I joined 3 Tree Tech was most importantly how they are focused on delivering disruptive technology to drive competitive advantage to their customers in a consulting fashion. What I also like that a traditional consultant gets paid to talk we get paid to deliver that’s a huge difference as we get paid via the vendors at a similar rate no matter what Technology we choose.

Over the years I have always worked for the vendor Cisco, Nice, Genesys, Salesforce, and Ujet. I built my own cloud business in 2004 way that delivered enterprise-grade solutions to the Mid-market . Although these companies have been great to work for, I only ever had what was in my vendor bag to deliver value to my customers.

Now with access to over 400 different vendors, I now can build the best solution for my customers with no “Biased” towards a particular vendor. I feel like I am now invigorated and free to provide nothing but value to our customers and not hamstrung by particular vendor strengths and weaknesses.

The 3 Tree Tech research and value-first model is incredibly refreshing and enables my creativity to deliver business benefits aligned to our customer’s goals.

When I’m not delivering value to my friends in the industry, I love the outdoors and SUP surfing and racing karts with my 14-year-old son Bondi and camping in my retro RV with my Aussie wife Tracey!!
PS I do love a good disco ball and a cold beer 🙂