Eric Skeens of 3 Tree Tech
Co-Founder & CTO

Eric Skeens

Who Is Eric Skeens?

Eric Skeens is the co-founder of 3 Tree Tech in Portland. He is a platform-agnostic tech researcher that transitions siloed organizations into automated DevOps centric businesses.

Skeens is a life-long learner and technologist with an appetite for disrupting standard operating parameters many tech leaders fall victim to.  Informally, he has been in technology for all his life thanks to his father’s curiosity with all things computers and systems, specifically, HP Non-Stop (fka Tandem).

He has been featured on Entrepreneur’s Problem Solvers, Bloomberg Markets AM and has been a disruptor within different companies for over 15-years, everything from software to infrastructure to telecom.

Why 3 Tree Tech?

He co-founded 3 Tree Tech with Bob Kingery knowing that their combined desire to simplify technology for the business leaders of enterprise companies would be instrumental in breaking the mold of poor customer experience coupled with lackluster technology hardware, software, and services.

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