Jacob Friedman of 3 Tree Tech
Strategic Account Director

Jacob Friedman

Who Is Jacob Friedman?

Jacob Friedman is a Strategic Account Director at 3 Tree Tech in Portland. He enjoys learning about new disruptive tech across the full stack and introducing it to tech execs across the United States.

Jacob is a fanatical prospector that strives to build genuine relationships with leaders who share his passion for innovation. His interest in security technology and cyber warfare started at an early age after winning a Call of Duty tournament and getting DDoS’d by a member of the losing team.


Why 3 Tree Tech?

Jacob found his way to 3 Tree Tech by meeting our co-founder, Bob Kingery and our VP of Security,  Kris Taylor. After attending several “3 Tree Tech Security Whiteboard Sessions” in which Enterprise Security leaders gathered to discuss current issues, shared experiences, and forward-thinking technology – he decided to make the jump and join the 3 Tree Team. He previously worked at an MSP that pushed transactional SMB technology sales – and found the consultive model of 3 Tree aligned better with his core values and long-term goals.

Don’t be fooled by his small stature – Jacob is a lifelong martial artist with experience in Wrestling, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and overall MMA. When you get a chance to chat with Jacob, ask him about who he’s betting on in an upcoming UFC card.