The December 10th event is FULL, but due to the overwhelming response we are doing an Encore on December 17th.  Click the link below for details and registration!

Wine & Tech

Network AI... Route to the Cloud?

If you believe everything you read, each and every networking solution out there will connect you to your SaaS or cloud application, and they'll do it securely & autonomously using algorithmic AI data and analytics that are fed by your ansible playbooks that are called through a python script. Huh?!? We know how you feel, and we're tired of the marketing speak too! Thankfully, there is a rebellion on the rise... SD-WAN is quickly becoming irrelevant and the tech leaders are recognizing that ALL of the network is converging into Network AI. Yes... ALL... Core, WAN, and LAN!






What to Expect

3 Tree Tech and 128 Technology are hosting a virtual wine tasting for Infrastructure & Applications leaders who want more out of their network. Eric Skeens from 3 Tree Tech and Mark Walker from 128 Technology will go over the current SD-WAN landscape and why SD-WAN is a thing of the past. Yes! You heard me right... SD-WAN doesn't matter anymore! We will get into the nitty-gritty of how 128 Technology & how architecture matters in transforming Core Data Center and Edge WAN/LAN Networking.


Merry Time

Thursday, December 10th, 2020 at 3:30pm CT | 1:30pm PT

  • Kickoff & Introductions (3 Tree Tech & 128 Technology)
  • Open first bottle of wine & description of vintage (Sommelier)
  • SD-WAN Landscape (Eric Skeens - 3 Tree Tech)
  • Overview of 128 Technology (Mark Walker - 128 Technology)
  • Open Second Bottle (Sommelier)
  • Networking Use Cases... Core... WAN... LAN (Mark Walker - 128 Technology)
  • Question & Answer Session (Everyone)
  • Open Third Bottle & Call to Action (Sommelier / Mark Walker - 128 Technology / Kristopher Taylor - 3 Tree Tech)