Talkdesk & Vinergy Wine

Voice AI... Trick or Treat?

If you believe everything you read, every contact center & customer experience platform offers something around voice AI and virtual agent... making the customer experience market cluttered and confusing. Wading through the countless platforms that claim to deliver superior voice and omnichannel analytics and insights can be absolutely frightening.


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What to Expect

3 Tree Tech and Talkdesk are hosting a private happy hour event for customer experience leaders who are navigating the new market landscape that requires better actionable insights for you and your agents. Eric Skeens from 3 Tree Tech will go over the Contact Center landscape and Neal Underwood, Enterprise Engineering Leader for Talkdesk, will get into the nitty-gritty of how Talkdesk & Voice AI improves customer experience for both your agents and your customers.


Harvesting the Time


  • Pour Wine & Open Chocolate
  • Kickoff & Introductions (3 Tree Tech, Talkdesk, & Vinergy Wine)
  • Contact Center Landscape (Eric Skeens - 3 Tree Tech)
  • Overview of Talkdesk (Jim Tennant - Talkdesk)
  • Pour Wine
  • Demo of Salesforce & Virtual Agent with Neal Underwood, Enterprise Engineering Leader for Talkdesk
  • Question & Answer Session (Everyone)