Future is Back
Future is Back

Infrastructure for the Future

While the connection between "Back to the Future" and infrastructure technology is metaphorical, it can be an interesting lens through which to view the evolution of the technological landscape. Both highlight the importance of understanding the past, anticipating the future, and responsibly managing the development of technology to create a better world.

Keynote Speaker - Portland, OR

Eric Norman

Head of Infrastructure Architecture & Innovation

Eric Norman leads operational management of all Intercontinental Hotel Group’s applications and platforms globally (100+ countries, millions of transactions daily, over $20B in revenues). From global operational support and service delivery across data centers, application build and release, change management, problem management, service desk, incident management, service level management and business continuity. Eric’s superpower is remaining calm under pressure.

Stealth Experience Technologies

Game Changer

These game changers technological advancements collectively contribute to reshaping company infrastructure, making it more agile, scalable, secure, and capable of supporting the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Cloud Area Network

“One platform for complete network modernization”

Seamlessly Extend Cisco SD-WAN to the Cloud with Alkira

“Accelerate your journey to the cloud, in the cloud, and across
multi-cloud environments.”

Granite Edgeboot is a smart PDU with OOBM access


Granite's 10th Annual Saving By Shaving Event 2023

“A leading provider of comprehensive communications for businesses.”

An Engineer's Look

Trust. Transparency. Confidence.

Discover what's possible

“Empower growth, improve efficiency, and inspire success”

For what comes next

“Achieving comprehensive visibility”

Aruba ESP Zero Trust Security

“Adopting identity-based access control for least-privilege access”

Stealth Forum

What to Expect


Every 3 Tree Tech Experience will have a featured speaker(s) from a Fortune 1000 company that has proven to be an innovator and change agent within their company.  The featured speaker(s) will present on how she or he lead the charge on driving change in a specific area of the organization that brought on better visibility, improved risk mitigation and increased adoption of automated frameworks.


The featured speaker’s presentation and discussion will typically revolve around at least 3 different but interoperable technology solutions and will each be represented by a leader from those technology companies.


Following all the presentations, there will be an opportunity for all participants to dig in deeper with each and every speaker through a panel engagement.


This 3 Tree Tech Experience is an in-person event held in eclectic beautiful Portland, Oregon.

For the in-person experience, food, beverages, giveaways and prizes are provided.

Ticket Giveaway

Future Experiences

Sign up to be notified of our next 3 Tree Tech-Exec events in the future. Our next roundtable will feautre more CIO, CTO leaders, a closed-door Q&A session, and other surprises. For participants not local to Portland and participating in an in-person roundtable, 3 randomly chosen guests will have airfare and 2-nights hotel covered at no-charge. You may also email us at roundtable@3treetech.com.