Tech Summit
Tech Summit


What an experience! The first 3 Tree Tech CX Summit took place on February 16th, 2023 to a sold-out group of customer experience executives at our Portland HQ. Thank you to Michelle Martinez and Tim Schocke and everyone who participated!

Golden Ticket Experience
Golden Ticket Experience

Improving CX by Enhancing Employee Experience

Customer Experience sets your company apart.

We're sure you remember Willy Wonka. He captured the attention of individuals across the world with the exclusivity of an elusive Golden Ticket. He set his company apart through every aspect of the customer experience. His candy was best, and the most innovative of its time.

The world had invented stories and legends of the factory and its workers. Wonka himself added to mystery and folklore. The Golden Ticket gave hope of access behind the walls of the factory. But the Golden Ticket wasn't the end of the global experience. It was the beginning.

Today, Wonka might end up with a PR disaster on his hands, but some of his lessons are worth looking into.

Keynote Speaker

Michelle Martinez

SVP of Customer Experience

Michelle Martinez has over 20 years of marketing experience, and 13 years of product development and account management experience. She’s been transforming customer experience for organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She’s keynoting our exclusive 3 Tree Tech CX event.

Martinez is a pro at understanding how your customers make decisions and rely on you to solve their problems. She loves to work at the intersection of all things customer experience – product, service, brand, technology, analytics, marketing, and more. She knows when you get that right, it becomes your biggest growth driver.

Keynote Speaker

Tim Schocke

Lead Product Manager - Contact Center Technology

Tim Schocke has over 20 years of professional experience crossing telecom, insurance and most recently retail.  His cross-discipline background covers project/portfolio/product management, finance management, operations strategy and technology strategy.  A common thread throughout these experiences is how to sell and prove the business case around optimization initiatives.  Moving from core system IT investment to Robotic Process Automation to most recently contact center optimization Tim has influenced C-suite leaders and understands the pragmatic realities of rationalizing and proving success.

With the pivot from core-system to customer service, Tim has becomes customer obsessed and roots product vision in reinvented customer experiences…without forgetting there is still a dollars and cents story to tell as well.  Tim is excited to share stories about how putting the customer first drives bottom line value.


Special thank you to the our partner sponsors for this CX Executive event.

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What to expect at 3 Tree Tech Events:


Every 3 TreeTech Summit will have a featured speaker from a Fortune 500 or 1000 company that has proven to be a change agent within their company and industry. The featured speaker(s) will present on how they led the charge in a specific area of the organization that brought better visibility, improved risk mitigation, and/or increased adoption of automated frameworks.



The featured speaker’s presentation and discussion will typically revolve around at least 3 different but interoperable technology solutions and will each be represented by a leader from those technology companies.



Following all the presentations, there will be an opportunity for all participants to dig in deeper with each and every speaker through a panel engagement.



The 3 Tree Tech Summit is an in-person event held in beautiful Portland, Oregon at our tech team’s HQ. Based in an old machine shop, you will be greeted by a wood-burning stove and an environment anything but the norm.

Food and beverages are not just provided, but delicious.

Ticket Giveaway

Future Summits

Sign up to be notified of our next 3 Tree Tech-Exec events in the future. Our next summit will feature more CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, a closed-door Q&A session, and other surprises. For participants not local to Portland and participating in an in-person roundtable, 3 randomly chosen guests will have airfare and 2-nights hotel covered at no-charge. You may also email us at