Tech Summit
Tech Summit


This tech summit was the first time 3 Tree Tech hosted a double-header summit in one-week! 2 locations and 2 different featured speakers. First one took place on February 22nd, 2022 in Portland, and the second took place on February 24th, 2022 in Cincinnati. Both were to sold-out groups of cyber security executives. Thank you to Mary Gardner and Michael Meis and everyone who participated!

Light in the Storm
Light in the Storm

Detecting & Remediating Vulnerabilities & Threats

This summit will focus on discovery, detection, and remediation of vulnerabilities and threats in your organization. Our tech summit will be a double-header: one in Cincinnati, Ohio and one in Portland, Oregon. We will have a variety of customer speakers and security practitioners to help navigate the cyber security storm.

Keynote Speaker - Portland, OR

Shawnna DelHierro - Visionworks

Shawnna DelHierro is Chief Information Officer for Visionworks of America. She has over 20 years of leading and driving change and innovation across IT organizations and teams. Shawnna leads with grit and grace, which is shown through the outpouring from her teams, as they build and transform a continually evolving retail environment peppered with significant amounts of IoT on the retail and manufacturing fronts.

Passionate, Hardworking, and Empowering. Shawnna epitomizes these characteristics in and out of business and technology. When you experience Shawnna in a business or IT setting, it is almost unfathomable how she is able to gracefully drive her teams in a unified direction towards innovation & success. But when you see her exude that same fortitude and passion outside of work, you realize that those characteristics are engrained into her DNA.

When Shawnna isn’t conquering the world in business, you will find her pouring her energies into feeding and helping empower the homeless through Meals on Wheels and other avenues of compassion.

Keynote Speaker - Cincinnati, OH

Michael Meis - Univ of Kansas Health System

For over the last decade, Michael Meis has dedicated his time and mind to the infosec world. He is a veteran who began his journey in the US Army and now has over 13-years of experience in the IT community. His main passions revolve around architecting security programs, leading people, and developing world-class security teams. Michael has helped develop and lead some of the largest security teams and projects within the USDA, H&R Block, and now heading up all of security at the University of Kansas Health System.

Additionally, Michael loves to teach and help the community at large by giving of his time and expertise to schools and non-profits to mature their information security practices and encourage the next generation of cyber security professionals.

Because he has too much time on his hands, he continues to invest in himself through continuous learning and holds 2 graduate degrees (MBA & MS in Cybersecurity) along with nine professional certifications.

Summit Technologies

Disruptive Security

We are also joined with disruptive technologies providing very niche solutions to the threats targeting three very vulnerable areas of technology - configurations, firmware, and containers/hyperscalers.

Security Config Management

“Misconfigurations Cause Cyber Attacks”

Tal Kollender
Tal Kollender

“Think like a Hacker”

GYTPOL Customer Testimonial

“All the Time Compliant”

Sarah Goad
Sarah Goad
Enterprise Sales Executive

“Shifting Left is NOT Enough”

John Spiegel
John Spiegel
Field CTO

“Misdirection of the Senses”

Mika Aalto
Mika Aalto
CEO & Co-Founder

“Education is a part of the Digital Equation”

Summit Panelists

Infosec-Exec Leaders

We are also joined by some of the most prominent infosec minds today. These three very pervasive leaders will discuss today's unique threat landscape and what can be done to improve your enterprise's posture when protecting against threats that NEVER quit.

Chris Nyhuis
Chris Nyhuis
Chief Executive Officer

“Avoid the BANG”

World-Class Security Operations Center

Brian Gittinger
Brian Gittinger
VP of Sales

“Compliance isn’t the Endgame”

Etay Maor
Etay Maor
Sr. Director of Security Strategy

“Zero Trust is a Security Model”

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Evin Safdia
Evin Safdia
Director of Product Marketing

“Don’t Trust It”

Tech Forum

What to Expect


Every 3 TreeTech Summit will have a featured speaker(s) from a Fortune 1000 company that has proven to be an innovator and change agent within their company.  The featured speaker(s) will present on how she or he lead the charge on driving change in a specific area of the organization that brought on better visibility, improved risk mitigation and increased adoption of automated frameworks.


The featured speaker’s presentation and discussion will typically revolve around at least 3 different but interoperable technology solutions and will each be represented by a leader from those technology companies.


Following all the presentations, there will be an opportunity for all participants to dig in deeper with each and every speaker through a panel engagement.


This 3 Tree Tech Summit is an in-person event held in eclectic Cincinnati, Ohio and beautiful Portland, Oregon.

For the in-person summit, food, beverages, giveaways and prizes are provided.

Ticket Giveaway

Future Summits

Sign up to be notified of our next 3 Tree Tech-Exec events in the future. Our next summit will feature more CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, a closed-door Q&A session, and other surprises. For participants not local to Portland and participating in an in-person summit, 3 randomly chosen guests will have airfare and 2-nights hotel covered at no-charge. You may also email us at