Perimeter-based security is out. Zero trust is in.


In 3 Tree Tech forum keynote, Brian Wane, CEO of XQ confronted the digital age’s Goliath: sophisticated cybersecurity threats menacing organizations worldwide. Wane’s talk, dubbed “Data vs. Goliath,” didn’t just a focus on vulnerabilities; it was a call for a paradigm shift in how CISOs protect our most valuable digital assets.

Referencing a chilling breach experienced by the US State Department, Wane cautioned, “This is the State Department, it’s the best security that the government’s got.” His example served to underline a critical message: traditional security perimeters are no longer sufficient. “If you’re protecting just the credentials, just the perimeter, what’s gonna happen?” he challenged the audience, highlighting the necessity of evolving beyond outdated security models.

Why CISOs should adopt zero trust

Wane and his team propose a significant departure from conventional methods, advocating for micro-segmentation at the data level and the adoption of a zero trust framework. “We’re talking about micro-segmentation at the data level.” he said. “taking every single data object, whether that is implemented within an application, whether that’s data in flight, whether that’s data being accessed through an API, or at rest, and wrapping it in its own secure capsule, then encrypted with a quantum.” He detailed a strategy where data encapsulation and quantum encryption play pivotal roles. This approach is not just about defense but adaptability, ensuring in his words, “security and compliance are maintained regardless of the data’s environment.”

Wane’s suite of products embodies this innovative strategy, introducing solutions for secure email, data transfer, and storage that integrate seamlessly with existing platforms like Microsoft 365. He says these products are designed to be a bulwark against the biggest threats. “We manage the policies through federated server protection against ransomware, insider threats and token hijacking,” said Wane addressing the multifaceted risks organizations face today.

Beyond the technical, Wane shared powerful narratives of XQ’s impact on global issues, from combating human trafficking in South Africa to supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, demonstrating the profound social implications of robust data security.

Wane reasserted the foundational principle driving their mission: “If you’re using zero trust data, data always wins.” His talk wasn’t just an exposition of the latest cybersecurity tech and approach, it was an invitation to reimagine data protection for a world where traditional defenses no longer suffice. Through vivid examples and a clear vision for the future, Wane’s message was unequivocal: in the battle of Data vs. Goliath, with the right tools, David can still triumph.

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